FCI Agility Worldchampionship in Liberec

What I can tell you? I could just say: "Yes, we did it again!" - or better "Ooooops, we did it again!"

It´s now one month ago, when we won for the 3rd time the Worldchampionship. And I still can´t realize, what we did - we wrote agility history. Or not?  I want to tell you my view of this years WC.

Day 1: On Wednesday we started our travel to Liberec, Czech Republic - it was about 7 hours  - 8 hours, because we went for toilet, but the street back to the highway was closed. So we had to drive around for about one hour to come back to the highway :). I was glad, that we arrived about lunchtime in Liberec - we went for Mc Donalds and relaxed a little bit for Gala Dinner in the evening. I met with Tereza and Lucie for going there and I think we had looooot of fun (as always smiley). Ok, I was the last one in the end with the Judge from Netherlands Kees Stoel, really nice man with big party heart ;).

Day 2: On Thursday we had training and first teamrun in the afternoon. Training was very cool, the carpet and the obstacles just perfect for the dogs. Hoss was very good :). So we had to wait till the afternoon for the opening ceremony, which was very nice and short. Finally our jumping team started - it seemed that I trained the right parcours - fast, but also technical. Hoss was in fantastic mood and did clean run with best time. Our team were placed on 22. place with 1 mistake and little bit time fauts in total.


Day 3: On Friday we just had the final run for team. We wanted to do another good result, but I was not there with my mind and Hoss was little bit crazy too - disqualified and again one mistake in total and 14. Place. Overall we get the 18. Place.

And never forget the time before and after runs - "Klopfer" - denmark stuff and so on :D

Day 4: Finally, the individual runs - I love it. We were in the second group of course walking. I like to be earlier for starting in the first run ;). So Hoss was just amazing, I decided to do some changes while running and it was good decision. We did a clean run again and won the Jumping round :). We will be the last team for chances to win on sunday.


Day 5: Oh god, what a horrible night - I was very very nervous and had strainght dreams :). We went to the arena for watching the final runs of Small Teams - after the austrian competitiors I went Tereza into the hotel beside the arena for sleeping two more hours - good decision - the day was getting longer and longer. I hate this long waiting. But than we had course walking. Of course in the last group and we will be the last team, and some dogs in heat behind us.

It was very exciting, a lot of great runs and still many starters before us ;). But than our time came - I warmed up Hossi and went about 30 starters before me again on the tribune for doing my special mental trainings between the people ;). After it I went back to Hoss. I was nervous, Hoss cool as always. So I decided to be like my dog - he knows it better - ALWAYS. Hoss was again really really motivated - I looked forward to our run. I was not sure about the parcours - it´s again not that technical, I just can win time in fast turnings and after the see-saw. I was near to cry, but STOP - better to smile than to cry. I went to the startline with a BIG smile in my face, gave his the kiss on his head and whispered:"Let´s rock it, Hossi!"


And than we gave full gas - if we will win, we had to. Hoss was very concentrated and I felt very good with him, like in the whole Worldchampionship this year. Hoss did not lose one centimeter, was close as always, my timing in this run was nearly perfect. I never had bad feeling about the contacts, but this year Hoss was a liiiiiittle bit funny in that case and in teamruns he decided to jump the dogwalk. So I was a little bit afraid in the end at the dogwalk. I took my speed out to be sure and he touched this fucking contact with his front paw :). I was sooooo proud for another clean run and when I saw the time - it was to much for me :D. So I have to lay down and breath - best time!

We are Worldchampion - again, after 2009 and 2010, it´s incredible.


I really loved this Worldchampionship in Czech Republic - for me it was the best one. My friends, our supporters, the beautiful arena, the obstacles, the carpet, the people in generel, the organisation, the runs, the courses, the judges, the food, the parties - it was just perfect and are also a part of our success. At this point it´s time to thank all of you again for this WC!


After the WC we had little break, for me, Hoss doesn´t like breaks - but we will be in training next week again to be ready for a competition in CZ, while my holidays and  the "Amadeus Agility Cup" in Salzburg (Austria).

I´m looking forward to it and of course to see Hoss´ wonderful eyes, when he is allowed to run :).