New Workshops and what´s going on

New workshops in U.S.A. - One of my dreams comes true - Little Lisa and sweet Hoss in big America.
There will be 3 Workshops, together with Tereza Králova and Nice :).


My calendar is nearly full, I´m still planning some "not-so-far-away" Workshops and will start with my Calendar 2014 in the middle of next year. You can find all Workshops here.

Hoss, Cody and me are enjoying our time with doing some Agility and relaxing a lot.

Cody will have in exactly one week his first competition - I´m looking forward and hope, that he will not cheat me ;). We will spend Silvester at good friends in Austria and next year, we´ll go to B.A.C.K. - a  big competition in Germany, Kreuth - where Hoss and me won for second time the Worldchampionship. We are looking forward to have a great time there, I´m sure we will - all of my best friends and even more lovely people will be there :) - See you all there.


My year was full of emotions... It´s started bad with the dead of my Mike, we still miss him very much and thinks everyday of him. I´m not sad anymore, I´m more thankful that I had the opportunity to learn with him and he formed me, what I am now - in my eyes, he did a great job. He gave me a lot of energy for live more into the days, be happy with all what I have and give all my love for my dogs. I won new friends for life, even if there is big distance between us :).
I had many great runs in Agility with many success and with very emotional moments again.

I´m so excited of 2013, we will have a lot of journeys into several countries all over the world, still enough time to train and compete with my dogs, to spend time with friends and just have good and funny days/weeks/month :)

I wish you all the best for 2013 and "keep on smiling".