Amadeus Agility WorldCup in Salzburg

We are back from the Amadeus Agility Worldcup in Salzburg. As each year, the organisation was great, everything went fast and with a clear system, great courses from Stefanie Semkat and Rollie Schiltz, amazing young and old teams and not to forget Bella Weiss, who showed amazing performace in the small category. Everything was very good,  apart from written rules for the American (Final runs)… It would be good to know in advance how many seconds you are getting for a mistake/refusal/disqualification/early start.

Cody started very well in the first run, I have the feeling that we are just good in the first run, doesn’t matter which competition, the first run is usually clean and then ehm better to not comment too much. But with his only clean run he qualified already for the small final on Sunday. In next runs he unfortunatlely dropped a bar and if not, he went to slalom from opposite side eh …
With Nice from Tereza I managed 2/3 clean runs, first was bit slow as I was running with shits in my trousers and that slowed Nice down a lot, but then I got kick from Tereza and I was never so sure that I will simply run like a hell, doesn’t matter what is going to happen in the course and that worked! :-D

So both, Nice and Cody qualified for the small final on Sunday morning. Cody definetly needs training with Tereza – how much are you charging? I want to have a dog like Nice please!  Cody got a mistake for dogwalk and good girl Nice tried harder and did one more clean run – 3rd place!!!  In case many teams  got disqualified or had more than one mistake we all qualified for the big final :-) Somehow I don´t feel so good in writing this. But MY own dog got only into the first round and that was it – Tereza, HOW MUCH ARE YOU CHARGING TO TRAIN A DOG? :-D

Nice did every single run clean and in the end we had to run against Tereza with Say. Well, for me it was clear that they are much much faster and they were of course… but in case of wrong information about the rules Tereza did not care about rather later start than too early as she would If she would get correct info.…. I´ve asked for it and was told penalty for early start is just a time difference between early start and the signal, what would be in this case something about 0.14 sec, … She got 2 sec instead, plus 2 sec for very last bar. Time advantage of Say was 3,5 sec... :(.

I have to say, it was  Nice who won, than Tereza who trained this dog so well and yes, I am very happy I handled her well! :-p Say is my big winner once again, always, doesn’t matter when! So my congratulations are going to you and your great dogs and giving me the trust and fun to run with Nice.

Videos will follow :)alt