Happy new Year :)

Cody and me end 2015 with a competition on 27th december in CZ. We made one elimination and a run with 1 mistake - haha not the best way of how to end the year so hopefully 2016 will start better.

And so we went on 2nd and 3rd January to Slovakia to the "Lord of the Winter". Jack started again after his 6 weeks break and did his last exam for A3. Cody in A3 got the 5th place with a clean run. In the Agility Open Cody jumped the dogwalk and Jack was eliminated. In Jumping Open Jack did a clean run and got the 2nd place - Cody did clean too and run on the 4th place :).

On Sunday Jack started with an elimination in A2 and Cody reached the 2nd place in the A3 exam. In Agility Open Jack was on a good way until I was standing wrong at the last obstacle - refusal. Cody was very naughty and was eliminated after the 2nd obstacle :-D. In Jumping Open Jack didnt realized that he is standing on the start and walked beside me to the second obstacle :-D :-D :-D - so elimination. Good point was I could calm him down during running and stop his histeric barking. Cody still tried at least to run fast, but  took long ways, didnt try very hard to get into good lines and dropped a bar.

Here is a video of the Lord of the Winter III.

and a bit delayed the video from Aamadeus Agility Worldcup 2015