04.-06.01. B.A.C.K.
Samstag, den 12. Januar 2013 um 18:53 Uhr

Another great competition is over - we had some quite good runs, but it was definetly not our weekend - I have to find a little bit of my motivation in competing again ;).

Cody did on the first day his second exam and had some funny runs during the weekend and on sunday in jumping another clean run :). We still need a lot of training.

Hossi was little bit poor again with me, for example our Agilityrun on Saturday: Jump 1 than Dis... So we tried it again, and it works, but it felt not good, so I decided to do in total about 5 obstacles and went out for playing and going to the warm up hall for doing a little bit Agility with Hoss ;). In the second run on saturday we reached the second place and were qualified for the final - where we had one mistake in slalom entry - ups we were very fast :).

On Sunday another clean Agility and Jumping and we ended on place 3 and 4 and in total place 1.

I really enjoyed this weekend with my czech friends and especially the evenings/nights :).

Thanks for this super weekend!

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