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Donnerstag, den 12. September 2013 um 12:52 Uhr

Ooooops, long time again since the last update ;).

Well we are back from our summer trip.

After few seminars in Austria, Sweden and Denmark we went to the EO in Belgium. We had some nice runs, won the qualification runs with our team. Unfortunately we weren´t allowed to start in the team final, cause one of our dogs get injured . In Individual Hoss did first place in jumping and first bar in Agility . In the final I had big problems with the deep sand and was to slow for my planned blind cross – so the bar felt and after it I wasn´t concentrated and we were eliminated.


Next stop Italy – for seminar and Border Collie Classics. It was hot, very hot. On Saturday Hoss won one Jumping, Cody was, ehm, hot . So Hoss was qualified for Individual final on Sunday. In the final he was just amazing and won the BCC again.




And unbelievable how many countries we crossed - let me think: Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy ;)))) Ok, its not soooo hard in 6 weeks.


It was a fantastic time, big thanks to Tereza, who didn´t kill me, even she was often close to do it . It was great that you joined us :).


Next stop in August: Agility by Night. Hoss was just great - he did all runs clean and won almost all of them (incl. Final :)), just the small final went to Chris and little Choice .

Cody was also very nice and did also good runs, unfortunately not one of them was clean - thanks to all for the nice compliments, yes he is developing and is getting better and better, he just has to learn, that he has to respect my commands not only in training
Biggest thank for that is going(again) to Tereza, our "coach" and Crazy-Cody-Maker.

AND BY THE WAY, there is of course no competition, no trip, no seminar,... where I am not learning something new.
This time:
Its not good to have no petrol anymore, especially if its a Diesel Motor EVEN IT`S ONLY 7km till the goal ... Thanks to all who were finding out what my caravan needed to work again.


We were only 2 waiting for two hours on the highway, short after a tunnel and cause of that we missed the first run -
Sorry I am just a woman plus blonde and I can´t wait for learn another new things about my cars .


In September we went to Terezas training camp in Czech Republic. I was happy to train finally intensive with Cody. FINALLYYYY!!! And yes, best trainings ever :P.


On the weekend we had small competition where I am living.
Hossi won the Agility and had unfortunatelly a bar in Jumping. Both runs were absolute the fastest ones.

Cody was not sooooo concentrated in Agility run, even he had nice speed ;). In Jumping he was muuuuch better and did it with only one bar.

One week later the National Championship of Austria. On Saturday there were the team runs. Hossi was just amazing and extra fast, too fast in Jumping so we went to elimination closely to the end L. In Agility run everything was perfect and clean (1. Place individual ranking).

And my liiiittle Cody? <3 I just loved him. Clean run in Agility (14. Place!!) and only one bar in Jumping and one of the best runs from us two.


Next day were the individual runs, where I just ran with Hossi. Cody is still in A2 and i didn´t run the qualifications for A1+A2 dogs. But well, I can put my whole concentration on Hossi ;).

And again, he was just amazing. He won the Jumping with nearly one second before the 2nd one. Fine for Agility than to don´t have to much pressure ;).

We were the last team of whole competition (how I LOVE it ;) ). Many many teams were disqualified in this fantastic parcour from Jan Egil Eide (Norway).

Hossi was my hero again. But this time incredible hero! On the Slalom (2nd last obstacle) i was staying to long and handled him to the second pole of the slalom (stupid me!) and what he did??
I was turning his head so unnaturally back to the first pole, get stucked and fighted and he did it without mistake, again in best time and we won for the 3rd time the National Championship :).



Fantastic times are over. I definetly don´t want to miss them and I can´t wait for another trips :)