Some updates
Mittwoch, den 23. April 2014 um 11:34 Uhr

The first 2 rounds of the qualification for the AWC in Luxembourg are over, and i am very happy, especially about Hossi´s results. He won ALL 4 rounds and is in the lead for the teamranking (only one with 4 clean runs :) ) - he was just fantastic, in case that we didn´t compete for such a long time, it feels so good to run with such a fantastic dog, 100% trust, it´s so much fun :). So we need now more clean runs to be already nominated for Luxembourg in Teams :).


Cody had also some good runs, well, think its still one year to early, but he showed in one Jumping that we should still have an eye on him - unfortunately one bar but the 3rd time in Large :). We definetly should run minimum 2 clean runs in the next qualification, to be qualified in the final. Hoss is already qualified :).


Jack is also doing fantastic, we are trying to do some running contacts, were we are at the moment just on the boardplank successful :o) - but well, he is 8 months old now and we have a loooooot of time :-).