Hossi goes to Hungary & Luxembourg
Dienstag, den 13. Mai 2014 um 06:16 Uhr

Yes, Hoss DID it :). He continued with his amazing perfomance from the first qualifications and ran again 4 clean runs. So he did 8 from 8 runs clean and is already qualified for the Austrian Team in den Team Large :).

Cody did 3 clean runs, 4th, 10th and 11th place. Amazing for my elephant, who is still getting better and more sure. He is now also qualified for the Final runs on 24th + 25th of May.

Hoss also ran the tryout for European Open, in case of a quite stupid qualification system, it was impossible for Cody to qualify, so I just ran with Hoss - he won both Qualification runs and is qualified for European Open in Hungary :).

Now we are in preparation for the final qualifications - I will spent few Wellness days and my boys will go next week too ;)