RC / 2on 2off difference training
Samstag, den 22. November 2014 um 12:28 Uhr

Jacky just turned 15 months and I still didnt know what to do with turns after running contacts. So I tried few times on the downplank with a stick and a command to turn, unfortunatelly our straight runnings weren´t that successful anymore after those tries to turn. After few times straight with rewarding after he knows again what to do there. But I think he would not get the idea with the striding and turning.


Our new project is 2on /2 off for full turns on dogwalk. Here is our second session of training after some position training at home, but this he knows already from puppy age.


I am very happy with his understanding, even the positions are not perfect yet, but training will make the master :-D.