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Samstag, den 25. Oktober 2014 um 18:47 Uhr



Norwegian Open with Cody
Dienstag, den 21. Oktober 2014 um 15:57 Uhr

This year I took only Cody to Norway for the Norwegian Open.

It was again a very nice competition with cool parcours and great runs.
Cody surprised me a lot by his speed, even he didn´t turn once well I think ;-).

On Saturday we started with a bit chaotic Agility 3 run - 1, 2, disqualified ;) - but he was already in a super speed there. 2nd run was one of the two qualiruns (Agility) for the Norwegian Open Finals - we did it clean and Cody was qualified with a 7th place for the final on sunday :). Than the quali jumping - very fast run, super for Cody and he was speeding like a hell, till I forgot where I should go, 3 obstacles before the end and I got a refusal (yes yes, I am also getting older...). I was quite disappointed by myself, but tried to look forward to our last run on saturday - jumping 3.

From outside and from inside, I wasn´t sure, if I will be able to get Cody somehow through this parcour - so many distractions ;) - but we ran, and ran and ran and we did clean in a fast time - amazing 2nd place for the Elephant :).

Sunday i could already see, that he is a bit tired, first run was quite ok, just I that he run around 50 meters more than another dogs ;) - clean and 6th place. Jumping 3 was really not what we like, everything super close and tight and a lot of turns, somehow we got again through - clean and 9th place.

In the big final, Cody tried to give his best, unfortunatelly he knocked a bar and we ended again on place 6. Very proud of him and hope we will continue in this style :)

World Champion, no words at all
Dienstag, den 21. Oktober 2014 um 15:49 Uhr

Its already few weeks ago, when Hoss and me went to our 5th (2013 we didnt start) World Championship in Luxembourg.

He was another time just amazing, he run all 4 runs clean, reached 2x 2. Places in the teamruns, could win the Individual Jumping Large and got 2. in Individual Agility.

In total result he could win AGAIN the World Championship! I just have no words to describe this dog, he is simply amazing, knows when he has to run excellent and knows when he has to touch the contact with a part of the paw ;).

Hoss is legend, wrote Agility history and I am the happy owner, who has the honour to own and run this fantastic dog. Now we will rest a lot and enjoy another things in life at the moment.

I can´t be more proud and Hossi is the STAR forever <3


Jack - 1. Birthday and official X-Rays
Mittwoch, den 27. August 2014 um 21:22 Uhr

Happy 1. Birthday to my "little " Jack. He is around 55cm high and 19,5 kg heavy!

Few days after his birthday, we went for X-Rays - everything allright:

HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free :)

We are also imporving with our Agility training ;) - sometimes we are the clowns on the parcour and the cangaroo is just doing what he thinks :-D, yeah, its really funny, for the ones who are watching us ;)



Mittwoch, den 27. August 2014 um 21:18 Uhr

Long time ago since our last update - maybe I am just to lazy sometimes.

So, whats new at the agilityborders?

Hossi got in July the Vice-Champion-European-Open title, Cody is running sometimes super, and sometimes we are not running together, or we are running together and he forgets how to do slalom entries ;). But he did some very nice runs with international competitiors and got some super results.


We are in full prepration for the World Championship in 2 weeks. A lot of aqua and other kind of condition building for Hoss. Think we are ready :)

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