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Competition in Wichtrach (CH)
Freitag, den 10. Januar 2014 um 10:29 Uhr

aaaaaaand here we are, Cody´s last exam for A3 :) Juhuuuuu. Jumping was very fast disqualification after jump number 3, but than again very nice run, Agility Open - 1. Place and clean run :)

Competition in Ratenice (CZ) 28.+29. December
Freitag, den 10. Januar 2014 um 10:28 Uhr

Some chances for Cody to finally get his last 2 exams for A3 - well on Saturday we had not a lot of luck, one very stupid disqualification and one exam with a mistake :( - but he won the Jumping than :)

On Sunday more luck, he did his 2 exam, but the second run - ehm... :D no comment

So one more clean run in Agility 2 and we can go to A3.

Amadeus Agility Cup, 6.+7. December
Freitag, den 10. Januar 2014 um 10:23 Uhr

Only Cody was starting this time and he did amazing :)

Fast and nice runs, a clean Agility with 9th Place against a lot of international and great teams , disqualified in Jumping on Friday. On saturday we ran a jumping, and he was again very fast and cool - till the last jump, which he missed ;). In the small final we had the doublejump bar (agaiiiiin), but with the 4th best time!!! :)

I am very happy with him :)

Donnerstag, den 07. November 2013 um 15:21 Uhr

Jack moved to us and has his own page: Extra Jackpot of Shadow Man

Norwegian Open
Donnerstag, den 07. November 2013 um 15:19 Uhr

Hoss was just fantastic for another time - He won almost everything - only one run with one bar - Cody won (again) in experiences - but we had some nice sequences and minimum both Tunnelcups were clean .

This competition was one of the best I ever was - Very friendly and patient helpers for whole time (especially with me :-P), good time schedule, nice and inspiring courses from the judges and a great arena with amazing atmosphere and very good surface:).

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