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Cody goes Agility Worldchampionship in Italy
Freitag, den 05. Juni 2015 um 10:16 Uhr

Last weekend Cody had his best weekend ever. Luckily it was the Final Selections for Austrian National Team. From 8 runs he ran 7 clean and in one run  he had one bar. Overall he won the qualifications and qualified for the Agility World Cup in Italy in October.

Never ever I thought that we would be able to qualify for the AWC. Even more proud I am now, that we did it. Big Big part of this success has the best trainer and handler Tereza, she made him running like he is running now, that he is better focused and that he knows how to not drop bars always ;) Thank you so much and good luck for your last quali rounds with Nice and Say :).


Hoss is fix, cause of his win last year :) Cody will run in Individual :)



Cody goes European Open in Rieden (DE)
Dienstag, den 19. Mai 2015 um 17:51 Uhr

So Cody qualified for his first big event :). I am looking forward for it. I am sure he wont beat Hoss´ 2nd place in 2014, but I will hope for nice runs from us :-D.

A week before he won the MAC Quali (where we will not participate cause of BCC :) ). He won a very nice Swarovski dog with a value of 150€. Seems like he is starting to pay back all his stupid actions in his past :-P.


Jack started meanwhile a few more times. Sometimes we have a lucky run and so we could reach one more exam for A2, only one more to go. In another runs we are more like the clowns, entertaining the people who never saw Agility before, Jack somewhere and me somewhere, but sometimes we are meeting each other in the middle :-P. Hahaha, still searching the brain, if someone found it, please give it back! ;-)

Next stop is a smaller competition this weekend + one on monday (free day here). Cody & Jack will run. For Cody its kind of preperation for the AWC quali finals! With Jack I want to reach our last clean run for A2 - well, I hope one of those 3 chances will work ;).


Competitions Competitions Competitions...
Mittwoch, den 29. April 2015 um 12:43 Uhr

... and seminars :)

Last months we had many seminars and also a few competition.

Jack started to compete and at least we already could reach one clean run as a qualification for the next level (so still two to go ;))

Cody is also doing fine in competition. In the first qualification round for the Agility World Cup we could reach on Sunday two clean runs and some points for the final.

I am trying to qualify with him as well for the European Open, actually its looking good. We are on Place 11 actually and in total 16 Large will go. I will go to the last qualification in the middle of May and hope we can stay in the best 16 :).

Hossi is mainly only in training - hope soon I can publish a video of him :)

This weekend we will have the 3rd + 4th qualification for AWC. Cody and me have probably no chance to get into the teamruns, so we will try to give our best than in the final rounds ;)


Silesian Open (PL)
Montag, den 23. Februar 2015 um 09:45 Uhr

Cody, my chihuahua :) <3

1100 km one way for a competition in Poland.
2x 2nd place in saturdays jumping and sundays agility. 1x clean run in Agility Team, 2x 1 mistake in the Jumping Team and final run and one "its too early in the morning, we are not so focused"-disqualification. With the team we reached the 2nd place overall with Tereza Králová+ Nice & Say and Markéta Jahodová +Rio (2nd place jumping, 3rd place agility). Thank you girls and boys ;)

Cody & I were never so constant as on this weekend and we never won sooo many bones and toys together :P

Thank you Roman Maruszczak & Olga Kwiecien for this nice competition, and we are hoping for a Silesian-Open Vol 2. next year.

Nice days
Montag, den 16. Februar 2015 um 18:39 Uhr

Actually its quite calm here, competition season will start soon and so we are mainly going for walks & training is once a week :)

Some pics of our "recovery" lazy days

the most beautiful dog

my boys ;)

and visit from our girls from Czech Republic <3

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